Original Spring Model Drop Foot Brace

By Freedom Walk AFO


Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace Original Spring Model for use on any terrain and can last years.


These braces just are not as supportive as the Free Flex and are therefore no longer available.  However, if you are a long term customer who has purchased a Spring brace in the past and still prefer the Spring to the Free Flex, then email me to make special arrangements for the purchase of a Spring brace.  I have a small amount of springs left that I am saving for this specific purpose.

The original Freedom Walk Drop Foot Brace - Spring Model has been a great brace for over 10 years and is still a very good brace. However, the new Shock Cord does offer just a bit better support for those who need it. But while supplies last, I will still offer this great brace at discounted price for those who still might be unsure about trying the newer brace. This brace is not recommended for use with the BFA. As with all my other items this brace is also Refundable for 30 (or so) from receipt. I'm not exact on this matter and a few extra days are fine if you need them.  This brace is Refundable [see Refund Policy & Guarantees] and [see Shipping Policy].