Our Story

My name is Chris Johnson and I am the creator of these drop foot braces and accessories and I am a user as well with drop foot in both feet. I understand, at least in part, what you are going through and have to live with. I have personally hand crafted and tested each device and I truly hope that they will help you as much as they have helped me.  The braces have truly changed my life forever!  Braces are hand-made in SW Oregon, USA.

Around the turn of the century, while planning our vacation to Kauai Hawaii, I was determined not to wear those miserably hot and uncomfortable stiff plastic AFO orthotic braces on a beach. After several years and many prototypes, I finally came up with something that changed my life forever. The braces worked so well for me that I threw my plastic AFO's away for good. In the early 1980's I broke my back in a fall and had a spinal cord injury which left me partially paralyzed.  Fortunately I can still walk with the aid of a cane, walking sticks, or walker now that I'm getting up in age.  It all depends on the situation in which I'm walking.  I have 100% paralysis in my left foot and about 75% in my right and the braces provide me with plenty of support and keeps my toes up so that I do not trip over them, especially now with the new shock cord model – more support and the same comfort.

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Makana Mountain and Tunnels Beach on Kauai HI is what truly inspired me to create the Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace and BareFoot Accessory.  

Check Out:  Kauai.com or gohawaii.com/kauai