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Hook scratches can be touched up with a Sharpie Permanent Marker or use a hobby paint and touch up with a small paint brush. You can also use spray paint and spray the paint onto parchment paper or similar then use a small paint brush to touch up hooks.  (I use Krylon brand spray paints for the hooks).  See several more Tips on the individual Instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many braces for each quantity ordered?

One single brace. If you need a pair, you need to order 2.


Do I have to let you know if I need the brace for my Right or Left foot?

No. The brace fits either the right or the left foot.


How do I know what size I need or if the brace will fit me?

The brace will basically fit from a woman’s size 4 to a man’s size 16, or so.


Is the Bare Foot Accessory (BFA) one-size-fits-all also?

No, Sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Right foot / Left foot specific.


Do you have any colors besides black?

Yes.  In addition to Black, there is also Beige, Brown, Blue, Red, & White.


Does the brace work with Flip Flops?

No, but with the Bare Foot Accessory, it might allow one to use the brace with Flip Flops.  Most other Sandals will work with just the brace only.


Are the products refundable?

Most.  If you are not satisfied, you can return the Brace or accessories for a full refund if done so within 30 days (or so) from receipt – I’m not exact on the timing.  Products must be undamaged. You only pay the return shipping.  The BFA is currently the only product that is Non-Refundable.


Is the Brace and BFA guaranteed?

Yes, the parts are guaranteed for 90 days.  However, I cannot guarantee that the brace will work for every person’s situation.  This is why I make them refundable.


Is the brace and BFA durable?

Yes.  I have walked through all types of terrain, including brush, rocks, sand and water.  They are basically waterproof but can start to rust from salt water after a long period of exposure to those types of elements.


How long will the brace last?

It can last up to several years depending on the type and amount of use. Even with very heavy use, it should last at least a year or more.


Does the brace support your toes up like a plastic AFO?

Yes. This brace supports the toes upward like a plastic AFO but unlike a plastic AFO, the Freedom Walk allows the foot to be flexible from side to side making getting in and out of tight spaces, like in and out of a car, much easier.  Also because of the flexibility of the springs, some muscles are used or stimulated which could increase the strength in those muscles.


How long will it take to receive the brace in the mail?

Most shipping occurs on the day following when payment is received and you will usually have the package between 3 – 5 business days depending on where you live from Oregon. Please make sure you add your shipping address when making your payment.

International shipments normally take 10-15 business days but second and third world countries make take longer. I have seen up to six weeks to Mexico and South America.


Do you accept credit cards or debit cards?

Yes.  All major credit cards via Stripe and we also accept PayPal.



Do you accept checks?

Yes. I accept certified checks, cashier checks, money orders, and personal checks – make payable to Freedom Walk AFO LLC.  Please note that personal checks will require bank clearance prior to shipping whereas all other types of payments result in immediate shipping.


Do you ship anywhere?

I Try but there might be a few countries that may not be able to make payments via my shopping cart or PayPal or I may not have shipping options available to that country. Please make sure you add your current shipping address when making your payment.  Make sure your address on PayPal is current.


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Are any drop foot braces Made in the U.S.A. or Made in the Rogue Valley in Talent in SW Oregon USA and originally designed and created in Ashland OR.


Drop Foot Brace Answer:

Hopefully all these questions are answered with Freedom Walk AFO. Your drop foot brace source also offering several accessories to help make your brace and situation a better experience.