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“I just received my package yesterday and I’m over-the-top thrilled with it. It is wonderful and believe it or not, I can use it inside some of my flats. The quality is very nice and I see that it will last me for quite awhile.”

Kara S. of TX


“We got it!! Using it a little at a time to start and love it so far!!”

Willie F. of TX



Love it. Finally something that works and is so easy to put on and take off. I always wear Converse shoes even for evening wear so this brace is perfect. My husband saw how it worked right away and is very impressed. I am a member of a Transverse Myelitis site and will recommend it. Thank you for being so clever Chris. Sincerely, Patty Garvey of Williams AZ

chris--have been using the braces and they are excellent! my walking has been becoming impaired in both feet and with these braces-- i am now wearing sneakers! -(which i haven't been able to wear for years) and now feel like i can walk without worrying every step that i am going to trip! what a gift-- thank you--Rachel Blumenthal  of North Bennington VT


You saved my sanity!  Thank you for making this Freedom Walk thing!  It means the difference of living a life or waiting for death!  Thank you with all my heart!  God Bless you!

Deb of TX (and  NV)


“I have been to MDs, PTs, healers, trainers, osteopaths and spent I believe tens of thousands of dollars trying to address my limp and constant tripping. I am BLOWN AWAY by both the simplicity and the efficiency of your device. My family cannot believe it either – as they are the ones who see me walk on a regular basis. Thanks again.”

Andrea M. of CA


“Chris, brace is perfect!!!! I’m 6’4” and 235lbs and have tried many other braces with only okay results. I am ordering one more which is something I have not done before with other braces.”

Earl G. of OK


Hi Chris!  I received by brace today!  Thank you!  I am excited to share with you that I drove my car today with your freedom walk brace and literally forgot I had it on!  I realized about a mile from the house that I wasn't wearing my plastic leg brace!  I shocked myself!!

50nevada1 from YouTube


“Thank you! I do love your product. Your braces are a lifesaver! :)”

Ashley S. of GA


“The Freedom Walk was delivered today! It’s so nice to have a proper brace on again. Thank you for sending it so far and for the included rivet kit. This is such an exceptionally comfortable brace to wear and it does a good job of helping me walk. Thanks for coming up with the design, it’s far better than a solid AFO.”

Shawn H. of Austrailia


“Chris, remember me? I’m the guy from Brazil who ordered a brace last October. I did not use it at once because I thought it would be like all the other devices I have tried. But after a couple of weeks, I finally gave it a try and I was (and still am) amazed at how well it works. The idea is so simple and it works so well. Please send me an invoice for another.”

Fernando D. of Brazil


“I am thrilled with your brace, a fantastic, simple, effective invention. I can now get a normal walking gait.”

Barb C. of OH


“WOW! Works Great! The brace is also very comfortable. I pleased that I am not tripping and have more confidence in walking.”

Joy H. of IL


“THANK YOU! I haven’t walked this well in 20 years! I’m actually using muscles I forgot I had.”

Angie R. of MI


“I must tell you that you are a blessing! The drop foot brace is awesome! God bless you!”

Jane-Marie T. of GA


For additional testimonial feedbacks, you can do a general search for ‘drop foot brace’ in ebay and look for my picture of the tennis shoe with brace and there you can read the various Feedbacks left by ebay customers.

Thank you for your support and interest in Freedom Walk. Sincerely, Chris