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The Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace provides dorsi-flexion support (lifting of the forefoot) for individuals with foot drop syndrome. Support is provided in keeping the toes up but does allow the foot flexible motion from side to side and up and down while walking which allows muscles to grow or prevent them from further atrophy.  The Freedom Walk is designed to assist in walking or hiking, but is not recommended for use that may require precise foot and toe control. If any medical condition other than foot drop exists, do not use without getting a doctor or therapist's approval to use. Effectiveness and comfort are determined by how this devise is applied. A break in period may be required where you should begin by wearing the brace for short periods of time until you get used to it and your Achilles strength has grown. You then should be able to wear them for 10+ hours at a time. The brace is easily attached to virtually any foot wear, especially with the use of the Rivet Kit. The amount of continuous time the brace can be worn comfortably will vary by individual, whether or not you are wearing socks, and the type of terrain in which you are walking or hiking. New users of the brace should experiment to determine your own personal schedule. If discomfort occurs, use of this devise should be discontinued temporarily. Under no circumstances should this information be interpreted as medical diagnosis, opinion or advice, which must only be provided by licensed medical providers. A doctor's opinion should be sought prior to using any orthopedic device.

Although durable, the Freedom Walk AFO drop foot brace fabric and components will wear over time. For safety, comfort and appearance, the user should periodically inspect the device components, and the component's attachments to the shoe, to identify and make repairs, if needed. If the brace components are worn beyond the point of repair, the worn component should be replaced. Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace cannot control the design, materials, workmanship or condition of the foot-ware worn by the purchaser. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage, injuries or product failure resulting from failure of the shoe material where a Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace has been attached or where it may rub against the foot ware. Any alterations of a component, or any application other than that illustrated and discussed in this website is a misuse or misapplication of the device. The manufacturer is not liable for injuries or damages from misuse or misapplication of the device.





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