Hole Punch

By Freedom Walk AFO


Drop Foot Brace Hole Punch Tool to create precise attachment points for the best brace cord tension.

This item charges an additional postage charge because of its weight, you may want to consider buying locally.  Additional cost is approximately $6-$10 depending on location.  This item is not included in Domestic Free Shipping.

Same as in Attachment Kit only this is just the Hole Punch Only. This is my preferred method for attaching my braces to shoes. I even prefer over eye holes because I get a more precise fit and support, although the eye holes will work just fine. It's a personal choice. This is also helpful to create the holes for the Rivet Kit and just a handy tool to have around the house.  The Hole Punch is Refundable [see Refund Policy & Guarantees] and [see Shipping Policy].