BareFoot Accessory (BFA)

By Freedom Walk AFO


Comfort and added Freedom with Barefooted drop foot brace accessory for walking Barefooted without shoes.*** Shoe-less Drop Foot Brace is durable and discrete - see important notes and sizing chart below. AFO part sold separately (part around back of ankle).

***Important Notes*** The BFA can only be used with our separately sold Free Flex AFO Drop Foot Brace (part around back of ankle), and the BFA is Non-Refundable.  Extra order Processing time may be required for this item. The BFA is a Custom Barefoot Accessory to the Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace. The BFA allows one to use the Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace without shoes for Walking Barefooted in the sand or on a grassy lawn or just around the house with the same confident toe support. In a sense, it makes a Shoeless Drop Foot Brace. It might also allow some to use Flip Flops. The BFA is Right / Left specific and Requires a Measurement of the Diameter of your Foot just Below your Toes or you can estimate based on Shoe Size - see size chart below.  BFA's can take up to a few days to make and process order*. It simply slides over the toes and laced around the foot with an adjustable toe strap to allow for a more precise fit with the brace. Like the Brace, the BFA also comes in multiple colors, in particular, the beige and brown allow for a more discrete use with skin tones. Unlike most of our items, this item is *Non Refundable* but all parts are guaranteed for 90 days [see Refund Policy & Guarantees]. Return labels will be provided for return shipping for parts guarantee if the return of the item is needed in order to fix the part. In some cases, the part may be shipped to you to replace.  [see Shipping Policy]. 

*Please make sure the Drop Foot Brace works for you Before you order a BFA. The BFA is made to order so it is Non Refundable.*  Exceptions for the return of the BFA in it's unopened package, in which case a partial refund will be given, less a 50% restocking fee. Please try the Free Flex AFO before committing to the BFA.

Size Chart (measurements are the diameter of your foot just below your toes)

Small        7"+ (17.5cm+) or Approximate:  US Children's Shoe Sizes 4 - 6  &  US Women's Shoe Sizes 4 - 6.5

Medium   8"+ (20.5cm+) or Approximate:  US Women's Shoe Sizes 7 - 9.5  &  US Men's Shoe Sizes 6 - 8.5

Large       9"+ (23cm+) or Approximate:  US Women's Shoe Sizes 10 - 12.5  &  US Men's Shoe Sizes 9 - 11.5

X-Large  10"+ (25.5cm+) or Approximate:  US Men's Shoe Sizes 12 - 14.5