Keep Your Toes Up with a Different Type or Alternative AFO for a More Comfortable Drop Foot Brace
  • B. Bare Foot Accessory (BFA) - must provide measurement.


    The BFA is a Custom Barefoot Accessory* to the Freedom Walk Drop Foot Brace / Foot Drop Brace. The BFA used with the main Brace (sold separately) allows one to use the main foot drop brace without shoes for Walking Barefooted in the sand or on a grassy lawn or just around the house with the same superior toe support. In a sense, it makes a Shoeless Drop Foot Brace / Foot Drop Brace. This can also allow one to use Flip Flops. The BFA is Right / Left specific and Requires a Measurement of the Diameter of your Foot just Below your Toes and also *does require up to a week to make and process order. It simply slides over the toes and laced around the foot with an adjustable toe strap to allow for a more precise fit with the brace. Like the Brace, the BFA also comes in multiple colors, in particular, the beige and brown allow for a more discrete use with skin tones. This item is also *Refundable* for 30 days (or so) after receipt and all parts are guaranteed for 90 days. The customer pays for return shipping on returns. Credits are given for return shipping for parts guarantee if a return of item is needed in order to fix the part.

    *There is a $5.00 re-stocking fee on all BFA returns. Because of where they are worn, FDA requires certain cleaning procedures prior to re-selling these type of items and this is why we have to charge a fee on BFA returns.