Keep Your Toes Up! with Freedom Walk's Alternative AFO for a More Comfortable Drop Foot Brace.
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    Freedom Walk is an Alternative AFO Orthotics for a More Comfortable Drop Foot Brace. Heavy Duty Flexible Design with Easy Use Attaches in Seconds for Confident Support allowing you to walk with confidence. It really does Keep Your Toes Up so You Don't Trip.   Six Color options for style or being discrete.  One Size Fits All and now easier than ever to adjust for the perfect fit or using with multiple shoes with varying lace hole positions.  Improved Shock Cord Model (similar to bungee cord) offers even more support than the original Spring Model, yet just as Comfortable & Durable. Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace provides Secure Toe Support in any type of terrain, including water. The brace works with virtually any type of shoe or sandal and most easily on shoes with lace holes. Flip Flops require the addition of the BFA. This is a Hand Crafted Brace that I make and originally designed for myself as I have drop foot in both feet from a spinal cord injury. I can at least understand some of the issues you have to deal with because of your drop foot. The Brace has worked so well for me that I threw my plastic style AFO braces away years ago. Another great feature of this brace is that it allows your foot to flex from side to side as well as up and down as you walk so that your muscles are stimulated and used, helping to prevent the onset of atrophy. The flexibility makes getting in and out of tight places much easier. This item is Refundable for 30 days (or so) after receipt and all parts are guaranteed for 90 days. The customer pays for return shipping on returns. Credits are given for return shipping for parts guarantee if the return of item is needed in order to fix the part. Freedom Walk AFO Drop Foot Brace may change your life forever, as it has for me. Now you can embrace your brace and put a spring back into your step with one of the most comfortable, durable and effective drop foot braces on the market. Thousands of satisfied customers.